It is an undebatable topic that almost all of the disputes that arise between the people or even between the countries are due to the fact that they are unable to come in the common ground or to the mutual agreement. Both of the opposite parties remain firm on their stand and believe that they are on the right side. It is quite possible that both of the parties are right at the same time from their very own perspectives. Obviously; perspectives differ from person to person which if continued can lead to a disagreement and that disagreement can take the face of dispute in no time. Sometimes these disputes grow too much that it becomes an essential requirement to involve third party in the matter. This third party is neutral who give the final decision after listening to every problem and detail regarding the situation. The involvement of third party to solve the dispute among family members or between two partners is known as dispute resolution. In this article; we will be discussing about the commercial dispute resolution in melbourne and the reason that causes a commercial dispute.

Commercial dispute resolution and reasons of commercial dispute:

Commercial dispute resolution can be defined as the kind of a process in which a third party (neutral) is involved that helps in solving the differences between the partners or alliances of the same company. Obviously; disputes can badly effect the reputation of a company which is why they should be resolved as soon as possible. There are many things which can become the reason of forming commercial disputes. These reasons might vary from breach of contract to the disagreement in particular matter.

Dispute resolution mediation:

There are three of the main dispute resolution methods. One of which is dispute resolution mediation in which third party is involved which helps in forming an agreement between two parties through discussions. It is a friendly and the cheaper way of forming conciliation between two parties. However; if you want to take things towards some seriousness then there are dispute resolution arbitration methods. This method gives power to the third party to make decision on the behalf of two of the involved parties. Dispute resolution litigation is the third type of dispute resolution in which law and lawyers are involved. In this type of dispute resolution, things are taken to the court room.


Many times we come across such situations in our business world where two partners of the same company are unable to come on the mutual agreement. This difference in opinions leads to some serious disputes that can affect the reputation ofa company if not solved quickly. Such disputes are resolvedthrough the process of commercial dispute resolution. There are three ways of solving dispute resolution which are through mediation, arbitration and litigation. “Anytime mediation” provides the best services of commercial dispute resolution as they have the best mediators and lawyers in the respective field.