Is law an isolated subject matter?

The law plays an important role in our lives. We might often think of the law only in terms of the parliament in the country where the laws are debated on and formulated. Or, you might think of the courts of law when you think of the legal profession. You might also associate law with the punishing of wrong doers and criminals. However, the law plays a greater role in society than those mentioned above. It regulates society and sets a framework within which society can function in a smooth and orderly manner. The absence of law and law enforcement can even result in a state of anarchy which can bring about dire consequences in society.

It governs your family life

The law can play an important role in regulating your family life. For example, there is a legal institution establishing the formation of a family unit. Hence, marriage has a legal component which stipulates that the husband and wife sign the marriage register and establish their union before the law. Further, the law regulates marriage by preventing under age marriages, ensures that both parties to the marriage have given the free consent and prohibits certain relationships such as those based on incest. The law also governs the dissolving of a marriage or the annulment of the marriage. Further, the law also helps in regulating the aftermath of a dissolved marriage. For example, a child dispute lawyer would play a role in deciding which parent has custody and access to the children.

Further, the child dispute lawyer in Gold Coast would also ensure that the offspring are provided for and taken care of by the parents even though the marriage is dissolved.

Law at your place of work

The law can also play an important role in your place of work. Your contracts of employment whereby you are governed in your places of work are regulated by law. The law ensures that the employees are given their rights so that they are not over worked or under paid. Further, the law would also make sure that the employees are not made to work under terrible working conditions. Moreover, the law also rules out slavery, child labour and such other oppressive working conditions.

Law in day to day life

The law can also play an important role in more mundane day to day tasks. For example, when you purchase goods such as groceries for your daily needs, you are a consumer and hence you are protected by consumer protection laws. This makes sure you get quality products at reasonable prices. When you drive around, you are regulated by motor traffic law to make sure that you are safe and that others on the road are also not harmed by you in any way.