Having control of anything is the most important and most demanding profession in the world. Having a control of anything and everything is very unlikely to be done by a person or rather it is impossible by human being. The person who has control over anything and everything is actually “God”. People management is one of the most difficult job roles in the world because, as we already know human’s ideas and actions or reactions are different and contrasting to one another. Hence, controlling a bunch of people who has different conflicting ideas and actions, even from various part of the world is one of the most challenging jobs. It requires great leadership skills, negotiations skills and most of all sense of humanity, because end of the day we are all humans who has feelings which we need to treat and react in a very sensible way without hurting them. It we didn’t consider it and if feelings are hurt, then it a triggering point for a conflict or disagreement.

In all of the countries around the world, there are governments who are responsible for the betterment of the respective people and for developing the country. Also there is a governing legal framework for which the people should obey and follow. Similarly for most of the companies & businesses around the world there are set of legal rules which govern the relationship between the employer & the employee. In this developing world as far as we know, most of the people are employed or rather they may be occupied by a task which is set to be their source of income.

Getting people more involved in business related activities requires a strong governance structure to control the people, who are employed in the respective organization. In order to monitor and control these legal governing frameworks we require a company councelor. Obviously they have to be legally sound and most of the cases they are qualified lawyers. In some companies, this is a responsibility of the human resource division, who need to be responsible for all the activities, contracts & relationships between the company and employees. But when it comes to legal contracts, it is a known fact that a contract should be written it absorbing all the necessary legal terms which would cover both parties responsibilities & penalties.

These qualified professionals are not only governs the relationship and connections between the company and employees but also connects the legal aspects which would directly or indirectly impacts the governing legal framework of a county. Workplace lawyers are responsible to educate the respective company’s senior management on all the legal requirements & facts that they or the company should comply when it comes to employees and their authorization towards employability.

As employers are bound to create a safe and peaceful environment for their employees and those who fail to cater this basic requirement might have to face significant failures in their long terms operations.