Accidents happen every day and it is evident that so many people are effected by road side crashes. If you are ever a victim of a car crash there are many things do to make sure you can resolve the matter peacefully. Whether you were the driver or the victim you need to do these following things in order to keep the matter contained.

Call authorities

First thing you should do after an accident is call the authorities. Call the motor accident lawyers Brisbane, police and an ambulance if there is anybody injured. If there are any injured people priority should be given to those who are injured and they need to be taken to the hospital. Calling an ambulance is the easiest way to make sure that the victim will not be further injured while you trying to move them. Also if you can find any identifications of the injured party it is better to call their guardians or responsible people to inform the accident.

Don’t flee the incident

Most people are victims of hit and run, which means the driver of the car flees without stopping after hitting the person. This should never be done, mainly because even though you drive off there may be security cameras that can be used to find you and then there will be more trouble. You should stop and attend to the victim and call compensation lawyers at Toowoomba because there may be charges against you. The best way to come to a settlement is to not run but stop and attend and be responsible for what happened. It may be the pedestrians fault or yours but if you flee then it automatically becomes your fault.

Call the insurance

Calling the insurance is the most important. Whether it is a serious crash or a minor damage you need to get the witness from the insurance agent in order to claim for the damages. However if the crash happened in the middle of a busy street it is wise to take pictures of the scene and move the vehicles to aside to avoid causing traffic. When the insurance agent arrives you need to explain to him carefully the damages to the car and if you need to compensate for the victim as well.

Avoid causing a scene

Many people make the mistake of yelling and shouting at the person who crashed and this would just make everything worse. Everybody makes mistakes and things can be resolved in peace. Even if it wasn’t your fault you need to be calm and resolve the matter.